Location vehicles, persons, ...

Internet portal RACAR

Internet portal RACAR is used to monitor the location and status of vehicles, persons, objects, etc. enrolled in the system. Vehicles are equipped with location units, which transmit information about the condition of the vehicle and receive commands or configuration data. Persons, animals, etc. are equipped with small personal unit size of mobile phone which transmit information about possition and state and also it can be use for voice communication (included feature of wiretapping). The connection of the center is realized using GSM networks (GPRS or SMS). GPRS communication are made through direct connection with the Internet portal RACAR GSM transmission system operator.

Internet portal RACAR standard provides for the display of objects throughout the map of Europe and a map of the Czech Republic. Internet portal RACAR allows the use of user-supplied map materials, which can be on the basis of agreements to implement.

For login into the Internet portal RACAR it is necessary to be a registered user. After registration the user by Internet portal provider assigned user name and password, which you can do an Internet portal RACAR login.

The Information:

  • exact location of the vehicle. Appears on the map as a point with a defined description (eg, registration mark, word identification, ...) controlled vehicles
  • instantaneous speed of the vehicle
  • vehicle ignition status
  • state of next active inputs
  • state content of fuel in the tank (if monitored)
  • current fuel consumption (if monitored)
  • distinguish whether it is a business or private travel


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